IES FAQ Answers

Move Your License

Uninstall does not deactivate your license. If you wish to move a product to a new machine, run the product to deactivate the license, then uninstall it.

Normal Uninstall

To remove an IES product, you can use the Windows Add/Remove Programs feature. You can also use the IES Updater utility to remove a product.  This utility is installed under C:\Program Files (x86)\IES or C:\Program Files\IES.

Uninstall does not remove shared components, preference settings or licensing. It will also not remove anything created by the software after installation.

Silent Uninstall

You may silently remove an IES product by using the following switches on the command line: "/s MODIFY=FALSE REMOVE=TRUE UNINSTALL=YES".

Failed Uninstall?

If a setup program fails during removal, you may simply delete the program's folder and any shortcut or menu items that point to it. This will free up 99% of the space.  All IES products are installed under C:\Program Files\IES, or C:\Program Files (x86)\IES.

Clean Uninstall

Uninstalling IES products will leave generated files, customization settings, licenses and other artifacts. This is for convenience and because some items are not installed but are created by the software during execution. To completely remove IES products you will need to manually delete some items. This procedure can sometimes help you work-around strange installation problems or behavior in the software. To perform a clean uninstall: