IES FAQ Answers

Credit Card Sales

All products may be purchased online through the shopping cart in the self-service portal. You may use a major credit card or anything PayPal accepts. Your license ID, password, and receipt are emailed to you automatically.

You may install the software for a free trial period before purchasing it. Purchased software is unlocked with your license ID.  (Any work you have done in a free trial is immediately accessible, unless you used VisualAnalysis features that you did not purchase.)

Purchase Orders

IES accepts purchase orders. Purchase orders are accepted from existing customers, or companies in the ENR top 400.

Telephone or Email Orders

You may call our office or send email to get quotes, pay invoices, or discuss options.

Large or Special Orders

The online shopping cart is set up for simple orders. If you wish to make a large purchase (e.g. more than $10,000) or want to make changes between license types, please call or email. If you work for a non-profit organization (e.g. Engineers without Borders) you may qualify for a discount.

Please contact IES sales first to discuss the options or get specific quotes for changes, or anything you cannot do in the shopping cart.

Money-Back Guarantee

We encourage you to try products before purchasing, however the free-trial period is short. We offer a 30-day refund on new license purchases, if you are dissatisfied with a product.  If you have technical difficulties, we offer support. If you have feature requests we can look into it, but there is no guarantee as to when or if they will get added, but we would ask that you clearly explain what deficiencies you find in our products, documentation, or services so that we can improve and better meet your needs in the future.