IES FAQ Answers
License Problems

Hardware Upgrades / Network Changes

Licenses are machine-locked. If the hardware, or network settings or operating system changes, licenses can break. To prevent issues, deactivate licenses before making major changes. If they are broken, you will need to re-activate your licenses, which may require you to contact IES sales.

No Activations Remaining

You will need to deactivate your license on a machine before activating a new one.  If your machine is dead or the product already uninstalled, you may manually deactivate the machine from within the self service portal. If you have continued difficulty, please contact IES sales for assistance with your license ID and any other relevant information about the problem.

Failure to Deactivate

There are a limited number of deactivations for licenses, provided to help you deal with hardware changes or machine failures. If you run out of deactivations, you should contact IES sales to explain and we can reset the system for you.

Deleting License Files

Should you encounter unusual errors, or corrupted files, you may need to manually delete them. You will find the license files in this (hidden) folder. Turn on the display of hidden folders or type the path into Windows Explorer:


You can safely delete the license files associated with the troublesome product. You will then need to reactivate that license.

Licenses are Machine-Locked

If your machine is renamed, hardware is added or removed, or your network changes, an installed license may become broken. Similarly, renaming a share-folder or server name will break network licenses. You can deactivate before making changes to avoid problems.  Otherwise you may need to delete the license, manually deactivate, and then reactivate the license.

Out of Activations

If you cannot activate, please double-check your license IDs and activation passwords in the Self-Service portal. Check to see if you have any activations remaining for your licenses.

License Could not be Saved

With network licenses, all users need to be able to read, write and delete files in this folder for the licensing to work. You may need to change user permissions on the share folder.

Cannot Connect to

If activation fails, it could be due to some blocking of ports or communication with our 3rd-party licensing server.