IES FAQ Answers
Free Trials

About Trial Software

If you download and run IES products without a license, you can register and run it as a free trial license. Free trials have a short time limit to allow you time to evaluate the features. Free trials are fully functional during the trial period. 

Getting a Free Trial

  1. Download and install the product from the web site
  2. Run the product to register (Internet required)
  3. An unlock code is emailed to you by an automated system.
  4. Enter the code to run the software.

Free Trial Issues

The unlock code is generated and sent automatically. This code is good only for your email address, the machine you registered with and the product you registered.  Free trials are not permitted on virtual machines.

If you do not see the email within several minutes check your spam folders. Add to your address book. We do not generate codes manually. We use a mailing address validation system, please enter your correct postal address.  

The free trial of VisualAnalysis is the Advanced level. 

If you have trouble registering, you may contact sales and we can verify that you are in our system or manually add you.

Expired Trials

Once expired, you may purchase the software (with our money-back guarantee) or uninstall the product.  Free training videos are available for viewing after the trial expires.

Trials for Existing Customers?

We ask that existing customers refrain from registering free trials for products you already license!  It is easy to use your license.