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Dan VanLuchene, PhD, PE, SE
Founding Partner

Dr. Dan recently retired as student-favorite teaching professor at Montana State University's Civil Engineering department after over 25 years and has done private consulting work on and off over that period. In 1992 he initiated a research project to bring structural engineering software to rural Montana on an up & coming platform called Windows. The result of that research became VisualAnalysis. Dr. VanLuchene has expressed successful engineering solutions in computer-software in over a dozen different programming languages and systems and he brings deep engineering theory and expertise to IES.

Terrance (Terry) Kubat
Founding Partner

Terry was working on a Master's in Computer Science at Montana State University when he met Dr. VanLuchene in the late 1980's and joined the research project to build a Windows-based structural analysis program. In 1992, while pursuing a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering, he helped create WinFinite (research project), which later became VisualAnalysis (commercial product). The degree was put on hold, however, as IES, Inc. became a more attractive career path that melded engineering, software design, and business adventure. Terry's main responsibilities include product development, marketing, support, documentation and production, with a ton of guidance and correction from his colleagues.

Adam Stordahl, PE, Structural Engineer/Developer

Adam joined IES in 2011 after graduate school and a few years in consulting and brings a passion for quality and practical features to IES. He has quickly grown to become a vital component in the success of IES products. With his extensive knowledge of structural theory, design practices, and now software engineering, IES products have achieved levels of success more in line with their original potential. Adam's skills as a developer have far exceeded our expectations. Adam stays sharp through adjunct teaching of finite element analysis at Montana State University.

Garrett Drake, PE, Structural Engineer/Developer

Garrett joined IES in 2015 bringing fresh and relevant real-world engineering knowledge and skills, and is helping us make our products more practical and useful. Garrett's primary responsibilities are software testing and validation--we pay him to find any mistakes before you do. He also works on developing practical new features bringing his recent and relevant experience to bear.

Olivia Cashner
Office Manager

Olivia is the "front office". She keeps it all working smoothly and efficiently. You get your invoices and licenses straightened out and she makes sure the IES bills get paid. Give her a call, she enjoys ensuring you have just the right products and license information you need and when you need it! 

Olivia has worked hard to make sure that your interactions with IES are fast and easy and has helped us improve our systems by advocating for our customers.

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