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IES (Integrated Engineering Software) is virtually composed of over 3000 engineers and other professionals like you.  Behind the scenes, we are simply some guys who, while trained as structural engineers, prefer algorithms to calculators and keyboards to blueprints.  We are applying our advanced engineering degrees and experience to helping practicing engineers around the world solve problems sensibly.  Since our start in 1994, IES has helped thousands of people, just like you, with structural analysis and design tools that strive for one moniker: Friendly.

Serving You: Our Motto

"Solve your next problem in minutes!"

Our Mission is for Your Benefit

Executive summary: "Structural software, designed for your success."

IES structural engineers create and support quality software for structural engineers.  We develop products with advanced technology to help engineers work productively - including the first day our software is installed.

IES customers provide the ideas for software benefits, while we construct the tools for easy daily use.  Products make our reputation, yet each and every customer defines our business and future. Therefore, each customer is supported 100% with free technical support and timely updates.

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IES, Inc.

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IES, Inc.
519 E. Babcock St.
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