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What will VisualFoundation do for you?

VisualFoundation will help you design complex mat footings, or pile caps. It automates much of the work involved in finite element modeling. VisualFoundation will take care of the modeling details while you specify the locations, sizes and structural configuration of your foundation. The software will analyze with your loads to determine moments, shears, displacements and bearing pressures using FEA. Stability checks and punching shear calculations are done automatically.

VisualFoundation will then help you check to make sure the footing meets IBC/ACI requirements, and will tell you about the steel requirements for the slab.

Why use VisualFoundation?

You have choices in the marketplace, for mat footings--even among IES tools !  VisualFoundation shines in a number of areas:

What's New in Version 6.0?

IES released the latest upgrade in May 2015 with the following feature additions or improvements.

Engineering and Modeling


Analysis & Design