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Yes, IES products work on Windows 10. Deactivate licenses before upgrading.

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  1. VisualAnalysis was the first commercial application developed for Windows and advertised as such in Modern Steel Construction in 1994.
  2. "Solve your next problem in Minutes!" TM This has been our trademarked phrase since 1995.
  3. With nearly 200 Universities using VisualAnalysis, over 20+years: many, many students! We do know that thousands are now practicing engineers using our commercial tools!
  4. You have little reason to avoid trying VisualAnalysis. It takes a couple minutes to install the free trial and get it running. Then you can solve real-world problems for 30 days and see for yourself how easy it is to do better work.

Why Choose IES, Inc. for Structural Analysis & Design Software?

Simple: Structural Analysis

IES structural software tools are customer-proven and customer-driven sophisticated tools, but they are very simple for structural engineers to use.

We pay attention to little details, like allowing you to enter data in any unit you like. We also provide immediate error-checking of your input to prevent minor errors from becoming major mistakes. IES tools are easy to learn and use.

That's what we mean by simple.

Productive: Structural Design

Software should stay out of your way. Engineering is difficult enough that you do not have time or energy to be jumping through 'software hoops' or struggling with 'black box' errors. Our products implement only the most commonly required feature. You need IBC on some projects, but not everybody uses the same codes, so building codes and specifications are optional and customizable.

IES tools are designed to keep engineers focused on their tasks rather than trying to learn a new system. We think we have succeeded, because well over 3000 engineers (and related professionals) use our nine different products every day and one person at IES can handle all their questions in about 2 hours a day.

Versatile: Real-World Civil/Structural Engineering

Not every structural project is a rectangular cookie-cutter building. You need customization of shapes and materials because sometimes you work overseas or on structures built in the days of rivets. You need high quality reports that show plan-checkers the details they need to see to validate your work. And you need tools that integrate well with spread sheets, BIM (Building Information Modeling) tools and CAD programs.

IES tools are flexible enough that you can build, create, improvise and solve a very wide range of problems with a minimum of fuss.

With VisualAnalysis and ShapeBuilder alone you can solve just about any civil/structural problem with some creative modeling. We offer more specialized products to get you in-and-out of a design much more quickly, with dedicated features for very specialized components and code provisions, but our 'general' tools are extremely versatile.